Several people have suggested meeting up on the Thursday evening, or organising a social on the Friday night. Probably the best thing we can do to help out here is to suggest a few bars and restaurants – the rest is up to you. All are marked on the map.


There are many bars and pubs in the area – all pretty much as they look (fine). The bar in the Watershed is pleasant and serves food, as does the bar in the Arnolfini Arts Centre across the footbridge. There are many reasonable chain bars and restaurants on and around Corn Street.

Budget food

Falafel King is just by the Watershed. Okay – so it’s a van, but it serves the best falafel in Bristol. Vegetarian only. Twenty minutes around the corner is the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft. Enjoy music, bar and cheap food in The Canteen and round off the evening with a quick riot outside Tescos.

Mid-range food 

Zerodegrees is a big shed full of pizza and also a microbrewery.

Pricier food

If you make the trek up to Clifton, you can have a swim and dinner at the Lido (and you really should do both).  Or you could cross the river into South Bristol and go to Birch.

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